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8,596 Miles: My Leap of Faith, My Journey 

by Dr. Rajshree Gaitonde

How did a young woman from a sheltered and privileged life in India travel 8,596 miles to be the first female physician in a notorious, all-male maximum security prison in California?

Dr. Rajshree Gaitonde was a young woman fresh out of medical school in India when she was plunged into a completely different life in America with her new husband, a virtual stranger through an arranged marriage. Find out how faith, reliance on divine guidance, and music helped her through the difficult transitions and led her to achieve a successful career at the infamous Folsom Prison. Always with a desire to learn and offer more, while at Folsom, she earned a Law degree and a Masters in Health Services. Her pioneer work as the first woman physician to enter Folsom Prison inspired newspaper articles about her.

From an early age a career in medicine was her goal. But holistic medicine, including the healing power of music, was her passion as well. It continues to be an important part of her life that she shares through educational presentations and seminars.

Dr. Rajshree felt so privileged in her life in having the opportunities to follow her passion and dreams that she would like to help and encourage underprivileged girls in rural India who haven’t had the same opportunities. To this end, she will be donating from the proceeds of this book to organizations that help educate disadvantaged girls in India. 

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